3 Ducats is a Maine based Web site design firm offering professional Web site services that include custom graphics, web design, Flash programming, redesigns, logo creation, web hosting, and domain name registration. Additionally, we make every effort meet the WC3 accessibility guidelines for the visually impaired.

Whether you're planning to launch a new Web site or redesign your current site, we will help you establish a solid foundation that will meet your organization's present needs and allow future growth within its online presence.

Contact Us... You can contact 3 Ducats Web Designers through our contact page, email us directly, or call us Monday through Saturday between 10:00am and 6:00pm Eastern Time at 1-207-485-1831. Let us help you achieve online success with user-centered design.

contact 3 Ducats Web Design: (207) 485-1831 or info@3ducats.com

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CODE HINT: number nine, uppercase "C", number nine, lowercase "a"

CODE HINT: number nine, uppercase "C", number nine, lowercase "a"




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